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May 15, 2009
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Gambar Modif of Yamaha Vixion 150 R 2009

Gambar Modif of Yamaha Vixion 150cc 2009
During the exhibition,''which lasted two days, the motor made in Japan, what brands were given a free service. Especially free oil change,''re-launched the product Yamaha motorcycle with the name of the latest Yamaha Vixion 150. Where is the Japanese-made motor is designed to take motor sport mengusung with 150 CC engine and 4 tak.Ia menuturkan, Yamaha is using the latest computerise the system of motor sport with a choice of colors elengan.
Motot Yamaha 150 this Vixion akan launching date of May 26-27 in Panbil Mall, Mukakuning. During the launching of motor sport to use this latest technology, will be performed by a variety of races and free service.

From data collected, Yamaha motor Vixion and construction of this appearance, a glimpse at the engine as Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC. But Yamaha is more up to version Bore. Berpendingin water cylinder with a net capacity of 149.7 cc obtained from the stroke diameter x 57 x 58.7 mm. Enlargement with the same diameter cylinder. Motor is a little different with the MX 135 cc obtained from the stroke diameter x 54 x 58.7 cc. Because the difference-engine V ixion using fuel injection. Reasonable power if the V-ixion 14.89 dk. MX are only 11.33 dk.
Of course, followed by swelling cylinder capacity component support. As the volume of oil in the engine that is only the MX 1000 (800 cc if the change) is now a 1.15 liter (1,000 cc if the change). Water cooling is also more 10 cc.
Fuel injection technology that has not been applied to the familiar motor sport is the target for the middle to the top.

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